MCU Development


Discrete Inverters

  • High efficiency (>98% for IGBT, >99% for SiC at peak power )
  • 400V and 800V designs
  • Monitor of temperature, speed and input/output current
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over speed protection
  • 12V system over / under voltage fault protection
  • Low EMI noise
  • IGBT/SiC short-circuit and desaturation protection
  • CAN and LIN bus interface
  • Suitable for operation at high temperature (65 °C coolant)
  • Discrete power module design

400V and 800V 650Arms Inverter

400V and 800V 280Arms Inverter

​Electronic Controls

EV Simulation and Modeling

  • Powertrain electrical systems evaluation and optimization
  • Comprehensive power flow and energy distribution simulation
  • Automated HIL testing system

HW Features

  • Dual-core Processor
  • Communication Interfaces
  • CAN / LIN / SPI
  • Easy Customization
  • Multiple vehicle powertrain configuration options
  • Compatible with various battery pack systems
  • Support different power level motor configurations

Customizable SW Architecture

  • Application SW Module

  • ASW Interface Layer

  • Infrastructure Interface layer

  • Infrastructure SW

Online Calibration

  • Customized calibration tool and interface
  • Compatible with CAN tools
  • Support XCP protocol

Compatible Standards

  • ISO 26262 Functional safety
  • SAE
  • XCP, UDS-ISO14229
  • GB Standards