Mass Production Support

Mass Production Support

Drive Unit Production Line

Drive Unit Production Line

77.8% automation rate for rotor production. 66.7% automation rate for the stator production line. 45.4% automation rate for the final assembly production line.  

Traction Motor Stator/Rotor

  • The first in China to achieve a slot full rate as high as 83% for the integrated technology of stator winding, embedding, and expansion.
  • The first in China to use fully automatic dripping paint & infrared heating and drying technology for stator insulation treatment.
  • The first in the industry to use 850 ℃ for vacuum and high-temperature welding of copper rotors to ensure the welding strength.

Generator Stator/Rotor
Production Line

  • Partial winding, to achieve 85% slot full rate generator stator automatic winding and embedding.
  • Double-layer V-shaped automatic magnetic insertion technology that the surface magnetic detection and error-proofing guarantee are carried out simultaneously.

Traction Motor Assembly

  • Using the seven-axis robot with 3-in-1 ( current, time, temperature ) shrink-fit equipment to achieve the detection and high-precision assembly of the housing and stator.
  • Using the integrated automatic docking technology of water, electricity, gas, and oil. Reaching 16000rpm in speed, 255kW in power, and 4300Nm in wheel-end torque as well as achieving the NVH offline test function simultaneously.
MCU Production Line

MCU Production Line

The automation rate of the IGBT module line is 74%. The automation rate of the module assembly line is 58%. The average intelligence rate of the production line reaches 24%.

High-Precision Gluing 

Advanced laser detection method is used for intelligent compensation calculation of height. Using fully automatic, high-precision gluing equipment for uniform and fixed-thickness gluing. The monitoring accuracy can reach 0.001mm.

Electric Resistance Welding

Using professional Miyachi welding equipment. It has the monitoring function for welding parameters and can determine the welding state of each solder joint according to the displacement as well as effectively ensuring the mechanical and electrical properties of each solder joint.

Traction Motor Assembly

Fully automated assembly. Adopting the world-class brand of screw tightening equipment and error-proofing methods to ensure product consistency. All screw procedures are error-proof to prevent all wrong and missed strikes. All screw tightening torques are monitored in real-time to ensure the traceability of the process quality.